Adani, Hidendburg and India
West Attacks India by Proxy
The attack on Adani group by the West has shown that its the way the west would like to to attack a growing India and its perception of India.  Adani is a growing concern and its an entity that is grwon by leaps and bounds ever since the BJP government has come into governance. Such growth has been the jealousy of the many entity in the west due to lack to opportuntity for the west to enter the Indian market. Many western companies know that Indian market is a great opportunity so they would like to loot the Indian business and repatriate the profit back to their tax heaven jurisdiction.

This is the second attack on India since last weeks and its main intention is to de-rail India's growth track and bring in the corrupt congress party back to power. The first attack on the govt came thru BBC documentary , followed by the Adani research report in time with the congress leaders return to delhi by foot ( A political stunt) to bring back the fallen and incomptent Mr. Rahul Gandhi back to power.

Hwvr India a non-aligned country saw this from another angle will adjust its response in a more professional way.

Another reason for the attack from the west is that the Indian Rupee is growing in international trade. Its has become a currency of trade in Middle east, Russia, Sri Lanka and other country. Such currency strength and acceptance is a pain in the ass for the Western world who see it as a threat to the paper currencies of Europe and USA. Also India's banking system has evolved 10 times better than other countries that it can now transact without SWIFT system for global payments.

The fact of the above can be seen in growth of India's new payment system UPI instead of the Visa and MasterCard or other card payments.

As the west grown impatient with India's rise.,one can only say that the plann to bring the congress puppet ( Rahul Gandhi) by attacking a progressive govt will only backfire. The attacks are a very clear indication of the west intention to bring Congress and its corrupt cronies back to power in India.
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