Carbon Trading - A Global Scam & A ponzi

The Ponzi of Trading.

One of the greatest Ponzi Scheme in today's world is the Carbon Trading. Its been a Band wagon created by the gypsies of the environment Brigade to create a fictitious product by the left over generation who have indoctrinated today's youth on the Wagon of Environment.

Many governments have joined this wagon so that they bolster their position in the community and secure the votes with propaganda that the idiots of the comfort generation can be fooled into voting for them.

One of the greatest scam in the carbon trading is the Methane gas for farming. For the cow to release its natural bowels the gas generated is considered as pollution and a farmer needs to pay for it to poo. For generations the cow has been doing this and the world has never had a problem. This is called creation of a fictional problem and exaggerating it for the community to buy on this scam and trade and create a ponzi of investors who can be fooled into believing on such a product.

It reminds me of the Tulip price that happened in Europe in the last century. In the same way the left over generations of  Europe are trying to sell this product to the educated world.  I call for this Carbon trading to be banned as it is a product with no substance and only people who make money are the traders.

In one of the biggest scam that was un earthed, an Australian carbon trader offer carbon credit for pollution in return for the trees he planted in a plantation in Philippines.  When investigated no such plantation existed and it was only on paper. In the same way most these carbon credit and trades are scamms and hence do not invest in these. Its another FTX by Bernie Madoff.