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CRM ForShipping Industry ( In Any Global Currencies with Exchange Rates)

The CRM for Freight forwarders and shipping lines will allow you to create Quote and Invoice for each Clients Online, whether you are on the road or at the Airport or in the office. with acess via mobile, web and desktop browsers.

Using the Quote feature., you can  Create Quotes for your clients with your logo and send to them in PDF online.
To Add your logo to the quote and Invoice by default.., you have to add the same by updating your profile.
You can edit the quote number of times and the same will be reflected in the file being downloaded.
Display item by Item in different currenceis and the respective exchange rate
Upto 4 Global Currencies can be used in your quote and Invoice.
All Global Currencies can be insereted into the quote.
Auto Synch for Items Updated on the first documents.

- Invoices  
You can now convert your Quote to the Invoices, once the client has accepted or the shipment has been completed.
All items can be detailed in the Quote / Invoice.
Fully Editable Document.
Auto Synch for Items Updated on the first documents.
- Conversion for Quotes to Invoices.
- One CLICK Email Dispatch
- One Click Download.
Client History
-  Quotes, Invoices and Payment made by the client.
-  See full history on the Quotes Send to the Client, Invoices Raised and Payment Made / Outstanding.
-  View the history of quotes and Invoices send to your client.
-  Add upto 10 additional users in your office.
-  Creates quotes and Invoices with Exchange rate upto 4 currencies.
Other Featurers Include
You can Create  - Print - Email
House BL -
Delivery Order
Arrival Notice
Coming Soon...
Shipping Instructions.
" All paid CRM users have their company listed in the directory., along with their Business Profile and Team members." Ask us for FREE Trial to see the full value.
Annual Subscription Rate $249.00 /-   Note : Special Rates May Apply for certain Countries
Need a free trial., please feel free to contact us on

John Mathews
Sales Manager (Asia Pacific )

+852 397 33 824 - Extn 10.
Skype : freightmarket


CRM. - Sample Screen Shot with DEMO Data.


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