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Shipping Terms

 Glossary of ShipBrokering Terms

1 / 2 SB One or two safe berth(s).
1 / 2 SP One or two safe port(s)..
1 OPT 1 One year, option another one year
A & CP Anchors and chains proved.
A.B.O. ABO As brokers only
A.P. OR A/P After peak Tank
a/f Also for (referring to ports to be touched by the ship).
A/S Alongside
Aa (AA) Always afloat.
AAAA Always afloat and (always) accessible.
AARA Amsterdam-Antwerp-Rotterdam Area
AB Above bridges.
Abt About.
ACP African, Caribbean, Pacific countries.
Ad val. Ad Valorem (duty).
ADCOM/Addcomm Address commission.
ADV Advise
AF Advance freight.
AFRA Average freight rate assessments.
AFSPS Arrival First Sea Piolt Station
AFT At or towards the stern or rear of a ship
AG Arabian Gulf (also referred to as PG Persian Gulf)
AGRIPODS Agricultural products.
AGW All going well.
AGWWP All going well weather permitting.
AH Range of ports between and including Antwerp and Hamburg.
Ah (AH) After hatch
AhL Australian hold ladders.
AICS Associate of Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, London.
AIMS American Institute of Merchant Shipping.
ANTHAM Antwerp-Hamburg Range
AOG Act of God.
Ap or A/P Aft perpendicular (of ship); after peak; all purposes; additional premium.
Apl American Petroleum Institute.
APS Arrival Pilot Station
APT After peak tank.
AR Antwerp – Rotterdam range.
AR Arrived.
ARA Antwerp – Rotterdam – Amsterdam range of ports.
ARAG Amsterdam-Rotterdam--Antwerp-Gent Range
ARAGH Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam-Ghent.
ARH Antwerp – Rotterdam – Hamburg range.
ARHB Antwerp – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Bremen range.
ASA Always safe(ly) afloat.
ASAP (asap) As soon as possible.
ASBA Association of Shipbrokers and Agents.
ATA Actual Time of arrival
ATDN Any time day and night.
ATDNSHINC Any Time Day/Night Sundays and Holidays UIncluded
ATN Aids to Navigation
ATRS American Tank Rate Schedule.
ATS Actual time saved or All time saved.
ATSB/ATSBE All time saved both ends.
ATSDO All time saved loading only.
ATUTC Actual Times Used to Count
AWH Available workable hatches.
AWTSBE All working time saved both ends.
AWTSDO All working time saved discharging only.
AWTSLO All working time saved loading only.
AWTWL All within Institute Warranty Limits.
B (Bl) Bale capacity; bale; ballast.
B S S 1/1 Basis 1 port to 1 port
B.H.(range) Range of ports between and including Bordeaux & Hamburg
b.o. Buyer’s option; broker’s order.
B.P.(bp/b.p.) Between perpendiculars; boiling point (gases).
B.S. Boiler survey; bunker surcharge.
B.S. & W. Bottom (or base) sediment and water.
b/d Barrels per day.
B/E Break even; (customs) bill of entry; bill of exchange.
B/E (Bends) Both ends.
b/h Barrels per hour.
B/L/b lading (Bs/L) Bill of Lading (plural of B/L).
B/N (b/n) Booking note.
B/O (b/o) Bulk/oil carrier.
B/R Bordeaux of Rouen.
BA Buenos Aires.
BACAT Barge aboard catamaran
BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor
Bar (brl) Barrel.
BB Ballast bonus; bar bound; below bridges; bulbous bow; bareboat, bare boat charter
BBB Before Breaking Bulk
BBCD Bareboat-cum-demise.
BC British Columbia; British Channel.
BD Bar draft, below deck.
BDI Both dates (days) inclusive (or included).
BEAM The maximum breadth of a ship
BENDS Both Ends (Load & Discharge Ports)
BENELUX Belguim, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
Bext. Breadth extreme.
BFI Baltic Freight Index
BFO Bunker fuel oil.
BH (B/H) Bill of health; bulkhead.
BHF Bulk harmless fertilizers.
Bhp (BHP) Brake horse power (oil engines).
Bi/Bl Both inclusive.
BIBO Bulk in, bag out.
BIFFEX The Baltic International Freight Futures Exchange
BIMCO Baltic & International Maritime Council
BK Bar keel.
BL Bale
BL Bill of Lading
BLK Bulk.
BLSEA Baltic Sea.
BLST (BST) Ballast.
BM Beam
BOA Berthing on arrival.
BOB Bunker on Board
BOD Board of Directors.
BOFFER(S) Best Offer(s)
BOR Bunkers on re-delivery.
BORO Bulk, Oil and roll-on, roll-off vessel.
BROB Bunkers Remaining on Board
BS Broken Stowage
BSS Basis
BSS 1/1 Basis 1 Port to 1 Port
BST British Summer Time, British Standard Time.
BT (bt) Berth terms.
BTD Butadiene (cargo for gas carrier).
BTU British Thermal Unit.
BW/BWA Brackish water/ brackish water allowance.
BWAD Brackish Water Arrival Draft
BWDD Brackish water departure draft.
C Shine, Sundays and holidays included.
C & F (CFR) Cost and freight.
C and/or J China and/or Japan.
C of B Centre of Buoyancy
C&F Cost and Freight
C&F FO Cost & Freight Free Out
c.f.g cubic feet of gas
c.f.g.d./hr./min cubic feet of gas per day / hour / minute cubic feet per hour/second
C.I.F. Cost, insurance and freight.
C.I.F. & E. Cost, insurance, freight and exchange.
C.I.F.F.I. Cost, insurance, freight, commission and interest.
C.I.F.F.O. Cost, insurance, freight, and free out.
C.I.F.I. & E. Cost, insurance, freight, interest and exchange.
c.i.f.l.t. (CIFLT) Cost, insurance and freight, London terms.
c.m.p.s centimetres per second
C.O. Country of origin; cargo oil; case oil
c.o.d. Cash on delivery.
C/N Credit Note
C/P (c/p orCP) Charter party.
C/V/E Cable, victuals and entertainment.
CABAF Currency and bunkering adjustment factors.
CABE (cabe) Charterer’s agents both ends.
CAF Currency adjustment factor.
CAN Calcium ammonium nitrate (cargo).
CAR (CARIB) Carribean Islands.
CB & H Cont. (BH) Continent between Bordeaux and Hamburg.
CBFT (or CFT) Cubic Feet
CBM Cubic Meter
CBT Clean ballast tanks Cubic centimeter per hour/minute
CD Customary Despatch
CENSA(pron.Kensa) Council of European and Japanese National Shipowners Associations.
CFR (or C&F) Cost and Freight
CH & H Continent between Le Havre and Hamburg
CHA Customs house agent.
CHINPAC China Sea, Indian and Pacific Oceans.
CHN China.
CHOPT Charterers Option
CHRTS Charterer''''s
CIF Cost, Insurance & Freight.
CIM International Convention Concerning the Carriage of Goods by Rail.
CIP Carriage and insurance paid to.
CKD Completely knocked down
CLC Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage, 1969.a
CMI Comite Maritime International.
CMR Convention on the Contract for Intrntnl Carriage of Goods by Road.
cnr Charter not reported.
COA Contract of Affreightment.
COACP Contract of Affreightment Charter Party
COB Cargo on board; close of business.
COD Cas On Delivery
COFR Certificate of Financial Responsibility.
COGS (COGSA) Carriage of Goods by Sea (Act).
COMP Completing.
CONFI Confidential.
CONS Consecutive; consumption.
Cont. (Cont.) Continent or Europe.
COP  Custom Of Port
COW Crude Oil Washing
CP (or C/P) Charter Party
CPD Charterers Pay Dues
CPP Clean petroleum products.
CPT Carriage paid to.
CQD Customary Quick Despatch
CR (cr) Current rate; carrier’s risk.
CRD Current rate discharge.
CRISTAL Contract Regarding an Interim Settlement to Tanker Liability for Oil Pollution Damage.
CRL Current rate of load.
CRN Crane
CROB Cargo Remaining on Board
CS Laden Cape, ballast Suez.
CSC International Convention for Safe Containers
CSD Closed shelter deck
CST (c/s) Centistokes.
CT Centre tank; cargo tank; cubic tonnage of a ship.
CTO Combined transport operator
CTR Container Fitted
CVO Certificate of value and origin
CVs (consec) Consecutive voyages.
Cwt. Hundred weight.
CY Country yard
D ½ D (DHD) Despatch money payable at half demurrage rate. (Also demurrage, half dispatch).
D 1/2 D (d 1/2 D) Despatch money payable at half demurrage rate
D.O. Delivery Order
d.p. Direct port.
D.T. Deep Tank
D/A (DA) Discharge afloat, Disbursement Account
D/C Deviation clause; (in) direct continuation.
D/P Documents against payment
D/R/D Dunnage, removal and disposal.
daa Discharge always afloat.
DAF Delivered at frontier.
DAMFORDET Damages for Detention.
DAP (DAPS) Days all purpose; di-ammonium phosphate (fertilizer).
DB (db) Double bottom.
DBB (d. b. b.) Deals, battens and boards (timber).
DBE Despatch payable both ends
DBEATS Despatch (payable) both ends, all time saved
DBEWTS Despatch (payable) both ends, working time saved.
DBT Double Bottom Tanks
DD Daily discharge; dry docking.
DDGS Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles
DDO (ddo) Despatch discharging only.
DDP Delivered duty paid.
DDU Delivered duty unpaid.
DEC De-ratting exemption certificate.
DEL (DELY) Delivery.
DEM Demurrage (Quay Rent).
DEM-DES(P) Demurrage and dispatch.
DEQ Delivered ex-quay
Der (DR) Derricks.
DES Delivered ex-ship
DET Detention
DETS Details.
DF Dead Freight
DFD Demurrage, free dispatch.
Dft Draft (also spelt, draught).
dh Double hull.
DHD Despatch half demurrage
DHDATSBE Dispatch Half Demurrage on All Time Saved Both Ends
DHDWTSBE Dispatch Half Demurrage on Working TIme Saved Both Ends
DIRTY Crude black oil.
DISCH Discharge
DK Deck
DLOSP Dropping last outward sea pilot.
DLY Daily.
DNRCAOSLONL Discountless and Non-Returnable Cargo and/or Ship Lost or Not Lost
DO (d.o.) Diesel oil.
DOHP Dropping outward harbour pilot.
DOLSP Dropping Off Last Sea Pilot
DOP (dop) Dropping outward pilot.
DOSP Dropping outward sea pilot.
DOT Department of Transportation
DPD Discharge port disbursements.
DPP (d.p.p.) Dirty petroleum products.
DRATE Discharge rate.
DRC (d.r.c.) Daily running cost.
DRI Direct reduced iron (cargo).
DRK Derrick
DWA Dock water allowance.
DWAT (dwat) Deadweight all told.
DWCC(dwcc) Deadweight cargo capacity.
Dwct Deadweight cargo tons.
DWOC Decline without counter.
DWT Deadweight (tonnage).
E East.
e.o.h.p. Except otherwise herein provided.
E.O.P. End (completion) of passage.
EAT Expected (or estimated) arrival time.
Eb Empty ballast
EC East Coast; European Communities
ECCP East Coast (UK) coal port
ECGB East Coast of Great Britain.
ECI East coast of Ireland
ECM East coast of Mexico
ECNA East Coast of North America.
ECSA East Coast of South America.
ECUK East Coast of United Kingdom.
ECUS East Coast of U.S.A
EDI Electronic data interchange.
EGM Export general manifest.
EI East Indies
EIU Even if used.
ELVENT Electric Ventilation
ENE East North-East.
EOP End (Completion) of passage
EP Estimated position.
ERLOAD Expected ready to load.
ERV Each round voyage.
EST European Standard Time.
est. Estimated.
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETBC Easy trimmer bulk carrier.
ETC Estimated Time of Completion
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
ETF Expected time of finishing
ETR Expected to be ready.
ETS Estimated Time of Sailing
EUROMED European Mediterranean.
EXW Ex Works
F Fresh water load line mark; forward; forecastle; Fahrenheit.
F & D Freight and demurrage
F.DESP Free dispatch.
F.DIS Free discharge.
FAC Fast as can
Faccop Fast as can, according to the custom of the port.
FAF Fuel adjustment factor
FAK Freight all kinds (containers)
FAS Free alongside; free arrival station.
FBD Freeboard.
FBL FIATA Combined transport bill of lading
FC Fund Convention (for oil pollution damage).
FCA Free to Carrier.
FCC First class charterer
FCL Full container load
FCS Fresh of capture and seizure.
FCSSS For Christ’s sake say something (slang).
FD Free discharge; free of dispatch.
FDD Freight Demurrage Deadfreight
FDEDANRSAOCLONL Freight Deemed Earned Discountless & Non-Refundable Ship &/or Cargo Lost Or Not Lost
FDESP Free Dispatch
FDIS Free Discharge
FEAST Far East
FEU Forty foot equivalent unit.
Ffa Free from alongside.
FFI For further instructions.
FH First half
FHEX Fridays, Holidays Excluded (Muslim Countries)
FHINC Fridays and holidays included.
FIB Free into barge; free into bunkers.
FICS Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, London.
FILO Free in and liner out.
FILTD Free in, liner terms discharge
FIO Free In/Out.
FIOLS Free in and out, lashed and secured.
FIOS Free in and out, and stowed.
FIOSpT Fee in and out, spout trimmed.
FIOST Free in and out, stowed and trimmed.
FIOT Free In/Out and Trimmed.
FISLSD/LO Free in, stowed, lashed, secured and dunnaged /liner out.
FIT Free In Trimmed OR Free of income tax
FIW Free In Wagon
FLASH Feeder lighter aboard ship
FLT Full liner terms; forklift truck.
FMC Federal Maritime Commission
FMS Fathoms
FO Free overside; fuel oil; furnace oil; for orders; free out.
FO (IFO) Fuel Oil/Intermediate FO
FOB Free on Board.
FOBS Free on board and stowed.
FOBT Free on board and trimmed.
FOC Flag of Convennience; free of conveyance; also free of charge
FOD Free of damage.
FOFFER Firm Offer
FOG For Our Guidance
FOM Flag, ownership and management.
FONASBA Federation of National Association of Shipbrokers and Agents
FOQ Free on quay.
FOR Free On Rail
FOS Free on ship.
FOT Free On Truck
FOW First open water; free on wharf; free on wagon.
FP (In) free pratique; flash point.
FT Fuel terms; also, full terms.
FTTM First thing tomorrow morning.
FV Fishing vessel.
FW Fresh water.
FWA Fresh water allowance.
FWAD Fresh Water Arrival Draft
Fwd Forward.
FWDD Fresh Water Departure Draft
FYG For your guidance.
FYI For Your Information
G Grain capacity.
G.A. General Average.
G.B. Great Britain.
G/B (GR/BL) Grain / bale capacity.
GBB Gross ballast bonus.
GC General cargo; great circle.
GENCAR General cargo.
GEOG RTN In geographical rotation.
G-H RGE Gibraltar - Hamburg range
GIB Gibraltar.
GLESS Gear less - Vessel with out cranes or derricks
GLFD Gas oil.
GLS Gearless - Vessel with out cranes or derricks
GN (or GR) Grain (capacity)
GNCN Gencon (General Conditions)
GO Gas Oil
GOP Gross operating profit.
GP General purpose
GRD Geared.
GRT Gross register ton.
GSB Good Safe Berth
GSP Good Safe Port
GSSL Ports of Genoa, Savona, Spezia or Leghorn.
GSSLNCV Ports of Genoa, Savona, Spezia, Leghorn, Naples, Civetta or Vecchia
GT Gross tonnage.
GTEE Guarantee
Guar. (Gtee) Guaranteed.
H.A. or D. Le Havre, Antwerp or Dunkirk.
H.H. (H/H) Ports between and inclusive of Le Havre and Hamburg.
Ha Hatch, hatchway.
HAT Highest astronomical tide.
HBR Hamburg range.
HC hatch cover; hold cleaning.
HCHTRS Head charterers.
HCM Ho Chi Minh City.
HD Half dispatch.
HDLTSBENDS Half Dispatch Lay Time Saved Both Ends
HDWTS Half Despatch Working Time Saved
HDWTSBE Half dispatch working time saved both ends
HFO Heavy fuel oil.
HG Heavy grain.
HHDW Handy Heavy d.w. (scrap)
HHDWS Heavy, handy, deadweight scrap
HLESS Harmless
HMB Heavy motor block
HMS Heavy Melting Scrap
HNS Hazardous and Noxious Substances
HO Hold
Ho/Ha Holds/hatches.
HR/HRDS Hampton Roads
HSD High speed diesel.
HSS Heavy grains, Soyabeans and sorghums
HVF Heavy viscosity fuel oil.
HW High Water
HWDW Heavy, handy, dead weight.
HWLTHC Height waterline to top hatch.
HWONT High water at ordinary neap tides
HWOST High water at ordinary spring tides
I.A.C.S. (IACS) International Association of Classification Societies.
IATA International Air Transport Association.
IBC Intermediate bulk carrier.
ICC International Chamber of Commerce.
ICS Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers; International Chamber of Shipping.
IDL International Date Line.
IFO Intermediate fuel oil.
IGM Import general manifest.
IGS Inert Gas System.
IHAM Immigham
IHP Indicated horse power.
ILO International Labour Organisation, Geneva.
ILOHC In lieu of hold cleaning.
ILOW In lieu of weighing.
IMB International Maritime Bureau.
IMDG International Maritime Dangerous Goods
IMO International Maritime Organisation
IN&/OR OVER Goods carried below or on deck
IND Indication
INDO Indonesia.
INMARSAT International Maritime Convention on Communication by Satellite.
INTERCARGO International Association of Dry Cargo shipowners.
INTERTANKO International Association of Independent Tanker Owners.
IOPC International Oil Pollution Compensation
IOT (INCLOT) Including overtime.
ISF International Shipping Federation.
ISM International Safety Management (Code).
ISO International Standards Organisation.
ITF International Transport Worker’s Federation.
IU If Used
IUATUC If used actual time used to count
IUHTAUTC If Used, Half Time Actually to Count
IWL Institute Warranty Limits
j. & w.o. Jettison and washing overboard.
JBL Jubail
Jett Jettison.
JV Joint venture.
K “000” i.e. thousand, e.g. 2K = two thousand.
k, kn, knt, kt, knot Knot; nautical miles (6080 feet or 1853 metres) per hour.
KMT Distance from keel to mast.
KRS Koreans.
L Laden.
L/D Loading/discharging.
LA Los Angeles
LASH Lighter aboard ship (barge carrier).
LAT Lowest austronomical tide; latitude.
Lay/can (L/C, LYCN) Laydays commencing/ laydays canceling (dates) or laydays/canceling.
LB Long Beach
LBP Length between perpendiculars.
LC (L/C) London clause; letter of credit; laycan.
LCI Lambert’s Capesize Index.
Lcr Lowest current rate.
LDN London; Laden
LDO Light diesel oil.
LDPT Load Port
LEFO Land’s end for orders.
LGFM Lond Grain Fixures Market
LHAR London, Hull, Amsterdam or Rotterdam.
LIFO Liner in, Free out; Last in, First out
LL Laden legs; loadlines.
LLT London landed terms.
LM Lane metres.
LMC Lloyd’s machinery certificate.
LNG Liquefied natural gas (carrier).
LO Lubricating oil.
LO/LO Load-on and load-off or Lift-on and lift-off vessel.
LOA Length Overall of the vessel
LOF Lloyd’s Open Form. (Salvage Agreement), 1995.
LOI Letter of indemnity.
LOW Last open water.
LPD Load port disbursements.
LPG Liquified petroleum gas
Lpl Liverpool
LQT Liverpool quay terms.
LRATE Load rate.
LS Lumber (timber) summer loadline.
LS (or LUMPS) Lumpsum
LSD Landing ship dock; landing, storage and delivery
LSD Lashed Secured Dunnaged
LSLSDU Loaded, stowed, lasned, secured, dunnaged and unlashed.
LT (It/Its) Long ton; liner terms; London terms.
Lt. V Light vessel.
LTBENDS Liner terms, both ends.
LTS (BE) Laytime saved (both ends).
LW Low Water
LWNA Lumber Winter North Atlantic (loadline).
LYCN Laycan (Layday Cancelling Date)
M Metre; measure; measurement.
M/R Mate’s receipt.
M/V Motor Vessel
MAA Mina Al Ahmadi
MAP Mono-ammonium phosphate
MARPOL Convention for the Prevention of Maritime Pollution from ships (1973/1978).
MATS Material(s), (i.e. dunnage).
MB Merchant Broker
MB/T Motor blocks/ turnings.
MBTE Methyl, butyl, tertiaer ether
MDO Marine diesel oil.
MED Mediteranean
MEX Mexico.
MH Main hatch.
MHWN Mean high water neaps (formerly, HWONT).
MHWS Mean high water springs (formerly, HWOST).
MIC Man-in-charge.
MICS Member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, London.
MIN/MAX  Minimum/Maximum
MIO Millon(s).
ML Motor launch.
MLD Moulded.
MLLW Mean low low water.
MLS Miles.
MLW Mean low low water.
MLWN Mean low water neaps
MLWS Mean low water springs
MOL More or Less
MOLCHOPT More or Less Charterers Option
MOLOO More or Less Owners Option
MOP Muriate of Potash (fertiliser)
MOS Months.
MPP Multi-purpose (vessel).
MRX Medium range cross-purpose tanker.
MS Motor shop; motor spirit; machinery survey.
MSA Merchant Shipping Act.
MSC Manchester Ship Canal; Maritime Safety Committee (of IMO).
MSDS M.S.D.S Material Safety Data Sheet
Mst Measurement.
MSV Motor support vessel.
Mt Empty.
MT Metric ton (tonne); multimodal transport; main terms; motor tanker.
MTL Mean tidal level.
MTO Multimodal transport operator.
MTPA Million metric tonnes per annum.
MV Motor vessel.
N And
N CONT (NO CONT) North Continent.
N(NTH) North.
n.E. Not east of.
n.e.p.(NEP) Not elsewhere provided.
n.m. Nautical mile.
n.N.(N/N) Not north of
N.O.P. Net operating profit.
n.o.p. Not otherwise provided.
n.S. Not south of.
n.W. Not west of.
N.Y.T. New York Standard Time.
N/B New building.
N/t New terms (grain trade).
NA North Atlantic; North America; nearest approach.
NAA Not always Afloat
NAABSA Not Always Afloat but Safely Aground
NCB National Cargo Bureau
NCSA North Coast South America
NES(n.e.s) Not elsewhere specified.
NEW North West Europe
NEWCT North East of West Coast Italy.
NHP Nominal horse power.
NJ New Jason clause in C/P.
NMPD Nautical miles per day.
NNGWB Not north of George Washington Bridge (i.e. New York).
NOLA New Orleans
NOPAC North Pacific (Ports)
NOR (N/R) Notice of Readiness.
NOR T & A Notice of Readiness tendered and accepted.
NORT Notice of Readiness tendered.
NPK Nitro Phosphatic Kompound
NR Northern Range of Ports (in US)
NR T (nrt) Not register tonnage.
NRT Net Restricted Tonnage
NS No sparring.
NSW New South Wales (Australia)
NT Net tonnage; neap tides; new tonnage.
NTC Not to count.
NTCEIU Not to count, even if used.
NTCEUU Not to count, unless used.
NVOCC Non-vessel owing common carrier.
NY (NYK) New York.
NYPE New York Produce Exchange
O.O. Owner’s option.
o.t. Overtime.
O/B On board.
O/C Open charter; ore carrier
O/D Over deck.
O/O Oil/ore (or ore/oil) carrier.
o/w Outward.
oa Overall
OA OK Overage okay.
oaaoop On arrival at or of the port.
OABE Owners agents both ends
OAFSP On arrival first sea pilot.
OAGE Overage.
OAHPS On arrival harbour pilot station
OAL Overall length (same as LOA).
OAPEC Organisation of Arabic Petroleum Exporting Countries.
OBO Oil, bulk, ore carrier.
OBQ On board quantity.
Oc B/L Ocean bill of lading.
OCC Outward clearance certificate; Oil Co-ordination Committee.
OCIMF Oil Companies International Marine Forum
ODM Oil discharge monitor
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
O-H (O/H) Off-hire.
OHBC Open hatch bulk carrier.
OO Owners Option
OPA (US) Oil Pollution Act, 1990 or Owners Protecting Agent
OPEC Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
OPT(opt) Option.
OSB One safe berth.
OSD/CSD Open shelter deck or closed shelter deck (vessel).
OSH Open Shelter Deck
OSP One safe port.
OSPB One safe port or berth.
OSV Offshore supply vessel.
OWS Owners
P & I (PANDI) Protection and Indemnity (Club).
P + C (P AND C) Private and confidential.
p.f.t. Per freight ton.
p.p. (pp) Picked ports.
p.p.i. Policy proof of interest.
p.t. (PT) Per ton; private terms.
PA (P/A) Particular average.
PAD Pacific Australia Direct
PAT Pen Air Turnover = air volume m3 per h / pen area m2
PB Permanent bunkers; poop and bridge.
PBF Poop, bridge and forecastle.
PC Period of Charter, Port Clearance
pc Part cargo, parcel cargo.
PCC Pure car carrier.
PCGO Part Cargo
PCM Per calender month (hire).
PCNT Panama Canal Net Tonnage.
PCO (PICO) Port in charterer’s option.
PCT Percent
PCTC Pure car and truck carrier.
PD Port dues.
PDPR Per day pro-rata.
PER SE By Itself
PERDIEM By the Day
PG (P/G) Persian Gulf (also, referred as AG = Arabian Gulf)
PHC Port handling charges.
PHD Per hatch per day.
PHO Port health officer.
PHPD Per Hatch Per Day
PIC Person in charge.
PIOPIC P & I Oil Pollution Indemnity Clause.
PLS Please
PMO Passing Muscat outbound
PMT Per metric ton.
POA Place of acceptance.
POB Pilot on board.
poc (POC) Port of call.
pod (POD) Port of Discharge
POL Petroleum, oil and lube Or Port of Loading
por (POR) Port of refuge.
PPS Pumps (capacity in cubic metres).
PPT Prompt
PPUK Picked ports of U.K
PQ Province of Quebec.
PRC People’s Republic of China.
PSG Passing
PSI Pounds per square inch; pre shipment inspection.
pssg (PSSG) Passing.
PST Pacific Standard Time.
pt B Port bunkers.
PUS Past us.
PWWD Per Weather Working day
q.c Quantity at Captain''''s option
q.n. Quotation.
qlty Quality.
Quad Canada, EC, Japan & US
QWT Quay weight
R of T Range of tide.
r.d. Running days.
R/E Rate of exchange.
R/P Return to port for orders.
R/T Revenue ton.
R/V (RV) Round voyage.
RAPL Rotterdam – Amsterdam Pipeline.
RBAY Richards Bay
RBCT Richards Boy Coal Terminal.
RCN Research octane number.
RCVR Receivers
RDC (rdc) Running down clause.
Rds Roads.
Re-cap Recapitulation (summary of main points).
RED Rate, extras demurrage.
REDEL Re-delivery.
RELET To sub-charter
RNR Rate not reported.
Roads (roads) Anchorage Area
ROB Remaining on board.
RORO (ro-ro) Roll-on/roll-off (vessel).
RPM Revolutions (or rotations) per minute.
RPS Revolutions (or rotations) per second.
RPT Repeat.
RT Right time of ship departure/arrival or rye terms.
RT Revenue Tonne
RTBA Rate to be agreed.
RTD Round trip distance.
RUW Ruwais (port)
S Summer loadline; south.
S & P (S AND P) Sale and purchase.
S d/k Shelter deck.
s.s. & c. Same sea and country coast.
S/a Safe arrival; subject to approval.
S/A (S.A.) South America; South Australia; South Africa; safe anchorage; Salvage Association.
S/F (SOF) Statement of facts.
S/N Shipping note.
S/o Shipowner.
S/S Suez laden, Suez ballast.
SA/SHEX Saturday afternoon/Sundays and holidays excepted.
SABIO Stem and Berth in order
SATPM Saturday P.M.
SATSHEX/SSHEX Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excepted.
SB Safe berth.
SBE Standby engine.
SBM Single buoy mooring (for oil tankers); soyabean meal (cargo).
SBT Segregated ballast tanks.
SC Slot Charter
SCNT Suez Canal Net Tonnage.
SD Single deck; self-discharging.
SDBC Single Decker bulk carrier
SDR Special Drawing Rights (IMF).
SDWT (sdwt) Summer deadweight.
SEA South east Asia
SELFD Self Discharging
SEMI-TRAILERS Are usually 12.0 meter flatbed road trailers
SF San Francisco; Summer Freeboard; Stowage factor.
SG Specific gravity.
SH Second Half
SHEX Sundays and holidays excepted.
SHEXEIU Sundays and holidays excepted, even if used.
SHEXUU Sundays and holidays excepted, unless used.
SHINC Sundays, Holidays Included
SHU Shuaibu (port).
Sim Sub Similar substitute.
SITPRO Simplification of International Trade Procedures (Board).
SKO Superior kerosene oil.
SKOR South Korea
SL Sailed.
SLT Sludge Tank
SOB Shipped on board.
SOC Shipper Owned Container
SOF Statement of Facts
SOLAS International Convention on Safety of Life at Sea (1974/78).
SP Safe Port
SPASS Skaw - Passero (range)
spd Ship pays dues; speed.
SPM Single point mooring.
SPN Spain
SPT (spt) Spot.
SRBL Signing and Releasing Bill of Lading
SS Service speed; steamship; special survey.
SSHEX (or SATSHEX) Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Excluded
SSHINC (or SATSHINC) Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Included
SSW Summer salt water.
STBC Self-trimming bulk carrier
Stc Said to contain
STCW Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch Keeping for Seafarers.
STD (std) Standard (timber trade).
STEM Subject To Enough Merchandise (Availability of Cargo)
STERN The aformost part of a ship
Sth South
STL Steel.
Stoa Subject to owner’s approval.
Stw Said to weigh.
SUB Subject (to)
Sub open Subject open
Sub stem Subject stem (availability of cargo).
Subdets Subject details (of C/P).
SUBDGS Subject to Director-General of Shipping approval.
SUBs Subjects (fixed on)
SUIT Suitable.
SV Sailing vessel.
SW Salt water; shipper’s weight.
SWAD Salt Water Arrival Draft
SWDD Salt water departure draft.
SWL Safe working load (of cranes, derricks).
T Tropical loadline
T/C Trip (TCT) Time charter trip.
T/P Trans Pacific.
T/S Time sheet; transshipment.
TAFHEX Thursday afternoons Fridays and holidays excepted.
TARV (TA R/V) Trans Atlantic Round Voyage
TBA To be advised.
TBD To be declared.
TBMA To be mutually agreed.
TBN To be nominated
TC (T/C, t/c) Time charter.
TCE Time charter equivalent.
TCH Time charter hire
TCM Convention on the International Combined Transport of Goods.
TCT Time charter Trip, timecharter trip
TCY Time charter yield
TDK Tween decker.
TDW (tdw) Tons deadweight.
TECH Toxic, explosive, corrosive and hazardous (dangerous cargo)
TEU Twenty foot equivalent unit.
TF Tropical fresh water loadline.
THC Terminal handling charges,
TIB Trimmed in bunkers.
TIP Takind inward pilot
TMK Tonnage mark.
TNC Time to next cargo
TNGE Tonnage.
TOTCOM Total commission.
TOVALOP Tanker Owners Voluntary Agreement Concerning Liability for oil Pollution
Tp Time in port.
TPC Tons per centimeter (immersion).
TPCM Tons per cubic metre
TPD Tons per day.
TPI Tons per inch
TPRV (TP R/V) Trans Pacific Round Voyage
TR Tons registered.
TRND To be renamed.
Ts Time at sea.
TSP Triple super phosphate
TST Topside tank.
TT Telegraphic transfer
TTL Total
TW Tween Decker
TWHD Tons per working or workable hatch per day.
TYT Thanks your telex.
U.K.f.o. United Kingdom for orders.
U.K.H.A.D. United Kingdom and Le Havre-Antwerp-Dunkirk range.
U.K.H.H. United Kingdom and Le Havre-Hamburg range.
UCE Unforeseen circumstances excepted
U/D Under deck.
UK/Cont (B.H.) United Kingdom or Continent (Bordeaux-Hamburg range).
UK/Cont (G.H.) United Kingdom or Continent (Gibraltar-Hamburg range).
UK/Cont (H.H.) United Kingdom or Continent (Le Havre-Hamburg range).
UKC United Kingdom or Continent
ULCC Ultra large crude carrier.
UNCITRAL United Nations’ Commission on International Trade Law.
UNCTAD United Nations’ Commission on Trade and Development.
USAC United States Atlantic Coast.
USC Unless sooner commenced.
USCG United States Coast Guard.
USEC (USEA) United States East Coast.
USG United States Gulf of Mexico.
USNH United States North of (Cape) Hatteras (northern range).
USNP United States North Pacific.
USSH United States South of (Cape) Hatteras.
USWC (USWE) United States West Coast.
UU Unless Used
UUIWCTAUTC Unless Used In Which Case Time Actually Used To Count
V/C Voyage charter
VGO Vacuum gas oil.
VLOO Very large ore/oiler (carrier).
VOC Vessel operating carrier.
VPD Vessel Pays Dues
VTMS Vessel traffic management system.
VTS Vessel traffic system
W Winter loadline mark; Worldscale.
W/M Weight and/or measurement.
WAG West Asia gulf
WB Water ballast, waybill.
WCA West Coast Africa.
WCCOM (WICCON) Whether (in) customs cleared (clearance) or not.
WCCON Whether Customs Cleared Or Not
WCNA West Coast of North America.
WCSA West coast of South America
WCUK West Coast United Kingdom.
WCUS West Coast United States.
WD Working days.
WE/EI West Britain/East Ireland.
WECON Whether entered (in) Customs of not.
WEST Western Europe.
WFA With following alterations.
WHD Per working (workable) hatch per day.
WHT Wheat.
WHTC Wordscale—hours, terms and conditions.
WIBON Whether In Berth Or Not
WIFPON Whether in free pratique or not.
WIPON Whether In Port Or Not
WL Waterline.
WLTHC Waterline to top of hatch coaming.
WLTOHC Water Line-To-Hatch Coaming
WNA Winter North Atlantic loadline mark.
WOB Washed overboard.
WOG Without Guarantee
WP Weather Permitting
WPD Weather Permitting Day
WRIC Wire Rods In Coils
WS Worldscale
WT Wing tanks
WTSBE Working time saved both ends (Also, WTSBENDS).
WVNS Within Vessel''''s natural segregation
WW Weather working.
WWAWIWL Worldwide and always within Institute Warranty Limits
WWD Weather Working Day
WWDSHEX Weather working days, Sundays and holidays excepted.
WWF Waterside Workers'''' Federation
WWR When, Where Ready
WWWW Wibon, Wccon, Wifpon, Wipon
X Shex, Sundays and holidays excepted.
XS In excess of.
X-Whse Ex-warehouse.
YAR York Antwerp Rules

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