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Blacklisted Company

Damena Seafood APK

Publisher: Sam Seafoods

Attn to All Seafood Importers.

Do not deal with this company. They work in the following way to Scam you. They wont ship any goods to you. They offer low prices to attract buyers and will cheat you

Scheme 1. They ask for Payment 30% advance and then 70 % against documents.
But they will never ship the goods to It takes money from you by Advance and then never ship goods to you.

Scheme 2. They ask for 30% advance and 70% LC.
After receiving the advance., they will send you fake shipment documents, including past performance. They will send the shipment documents direct to you with the bank FAKE cover letter to collect the money for the LC. The BL will be house BL with no local agent contact details

Scheme 3. They ask for 100% LC and send you fake shipment documents. The core here is the BL is from a Local freight forwarder. Not the shipping line.

If you ask them for liner bill of lading., they will not agree to the same and play the excuse that the price is too high to issue liner Bill of Lading.

The scheme is operated by few people in Indonesia, known as SCAMMERs with internal knowledge. They have people in the Bank Mandiri (Persero) PT to do this Job for them.

Their website is a scam one. the picture on the website is nothing but a Photoshop. This company UD Damena, does not have a seafood export licence. Dont be fooled by their low prices and Fake website.

Address :
Bali Indonesia

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