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Blacklisted Company

Susi Pudjiastuti Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries - Indonesia Government

Publisher: More information., Pls contact +852 397 33 824 - SAM Seafoods - Hong Kong

Susi Pudjiastuti

Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries has been accused of incompetence. We had reported to her about the notorious Indonesian Seafood exporter Mr. Dicky Liam and his company Hentry Jaya.

Hentry Jaya is an international fraudster when it comes to seafood supply from Indonesia. Recently it changed its name to Ud Demena, which means the indonesian govt is allowing the company to trade despite its fraudulent activty.

This has effected the indonesian seafood credibility and puts them in par with Nigerian Scammers. Hentry Jaya., last year cheated several singaporean and Chinese importers large amounts of money. The fraud was perpeptuated by using of the Indonesia's corrupt Bank PT Bank Madiri Bali Branch.

The Fraudster Hentry Jaya uses PT Bank Mandiri to send fraud documents thru the bank to the buyers bank. Hentry Jaya uses Fraudulent shipping documents from "SAMUDERA Logistics in Indonesia to and then sends them to the buyers bank.

Mr. Dicky Liam also known as Indonesia's Mr. Notorious then takes the money and shares it with the bank officials in the bank Mandiri at Bali. Despite giving them all the Evidences., the Indonesian fisheries ministry has done nothing to cancel the licence for the exporter.

Address :
Minstry of Fisheries

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