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The Face of FRAUD in CHINA

Publisher: The Shipping Journal of Asia

Quick-Win Cargo Services Beijing has been declared as the face of Fraud among Chinese Freight Forwarders. The company engages in one of the worst ACT of Extortion when it comes to services. It engages its customers by Offering them Rates at Low in the market. Once the Client has agreed to the rates., it then ask the client for money to be paid. After receiving the payment., it will make an excuse to demand more money., like 20% Fine for delay due to bank errors or Storage fees at exhorbant rates due to local holidays. In one case a company was charges more than USD 3500 for storage.,, while the mormal charge will only be only be 50 USD for the whole Lot. The company., then holds the cargo or the bill of lading as Ransom, untill its payment is received. SInce the company is registered in Hong Kong and the company operates by using the off shore account in Shenzhen., it takes cover prosecution. Chineese goverment is aware of this company, but still have not been able to track down Ms Sookie Lie. Asain Shipping Journal, understand that she is undergoing treatement in a Beijing Hospital for Sexually transmitted Disease, due to hear former work as a Prostitute in China. Ms Sookie Li Contracted AIDS while working as a prostitute in her former career on the upmarket sex clubs in Beijing Sookie Lie still advertises herself as a Prostitute on local pages with the following contact details. Contact person : Sookie. +86 133 8133 4927 Office Line : +86 1059 423153. SOOKIE LI Date of Birth: 26TH FEB 1991 AGE 25 +86 133 8133 4927 MBL +86 10 594 23150 Shipping Lines and Freight forwarders and adviced not to do business with them as they are very bad for Business and also for heatlh. Other names used by this company Company Namehistory: 03-AUG-2016 YJ LOGISTICS LIMITED 28-JAN-2015 Quick-Win Cargo Service Limited 29-JAN-2014 YONGRUI SEA LINE CO., LIMITED 05-MAR-2013 OCEAN SHIPPING FREIGHT FORWARDING CO., LIMITED




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